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Hello and welcome! We are the visionary duo at Pentaprism Photography and we have a passion for photography. Our vision for your special day is to create unique and creative memories that you can display proudly.


We know that event photography can be expensive but it it is our goal to take quality photos and for our services to be accessible to everyone.


Jess has studied photography for a total of 3 years and have been a wedding and event photographer for 5 years. She has done two courses for photography and graphic design. Her day job was up until recently also doing photos! She was a full time photo specialist doing the photos and videos for AJ Hackett Bungy in Queenstown, NZ five days a week. She is now back in Australia working at JB Hi-Fi in the camera sales department.

Matt has experience studying business marketing. He uses his social media skills and eye for detail to capture that perfect shot. After 3 years of practising photography he has honed his talents especially for company branding, portraits and engagement sessions.


We live and breath photos.

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"Jess got amazing lighting for my shoot with her, no editing was required to make my best angles apparent." - Penny Kinsella